Timezone and Other Info.

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Timezone and Other Info.

Post by The Republic of Parpaza on Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:06 pm

For ease, this site has been set to UTC +5, and we recommend that you all post UTC (+5) timings on time specific posts.

About the others info, for exact date and timing, please use these buttons, specified on the image:

Usage Example: 2015-07-11 11:46:39

Also about smilies, there should some nice ones to check out, such as:

Very Happy Smile Sad Basketball afro flower lol!

Oh, when roleplaying, I recommend that you keep 'telegrams' and 'letters' inside a spoiler when you are talking about other things and:

  • When you want to reference a letter/telegram. (Quote, is however recommended)
  • When you want to give to 'someone' in an official way.

That concludes today's news post.
The Republic of Parpaza
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Administrating Nation

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