The Forum has Opened!

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The Forum has Opened!

Post by The Republic of Parpaza on Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:56 am

After some time of hard work, the Parpazan Forums have opened for all!

We highly encourage you to register if you have a Nation States Nation and are ready to Role Play and Contribute to these forums.

Currently we have, like a very desolate forum, yes? Please start new roleplay topics, or PM for questions. I will gladly participate in Role Play when I have time.

Other than that, the forum has many features:

  1. Points system.
  2. Diplomatic Reputation. Also known as reputation. Increases/Decreases by how much people like you.
  3. Ranking system. The more you post, the higher you nation's classification goes.
  4. Smiles!
  5. PMs and other stuff.

In short, I hope you enjoy RPing in these forums, and I look forward to your support of this forum!
The Republic of Parpaza
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Administrating Nation

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