How to Role play

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How to Role play

Post by The Republic of Parpaza on Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:12 pm

This is a small piece of text, that will tell you how to properly RP.


  • Invite the user/groups or get their consent to join in an RP session with them.
  • Make sure don't disappoint your RP members. They may try to murder you the next RP Session Exclamation
  • Now, make the RP Thread. Label it according to the following guidelines:

Labeling Guide:

[DIPLOMATIC]        [WAR]         [PERSONAL]        [OTHER]             
For diplomatic RPFor war RPFor personal RPOther types of RP


  • Since NationStates is a political, nation controlling game, your ideologies on politics, civil rights, way of ruling may differ.
  • Thereby, to prevent outright fights, please co-operate with each other.
  • Any fights will be warned to be stopped, if not, admins and moderators will have permission to lock the forum thread after 3 warnings.
  • Please don't use racist slangs and etc...
  • Same rules and reasons apply to this as to fights due to different ideas.
  • If anyone asks you the question what kind of a ruling structure this forum has, tell them: "Centrist Not-So Democracy"
  • Enjoy.  Idea
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